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Resolution Against Imperialist Abuse of Power - For Peace and Security


Alarmed by the air raids on Iraq from Dec 16 to 19, 1998, by the U.S.A. and Great Britain,

Deeply concerned about international security and worldwide peace,

Recognizing the full sovereignty and equality of all Member States,

Dismayed by the disregard of international law shown by two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council,

Striving to rehabilitate the U.N. as an international organisation for the safeguarding of international law and human rights and for the securing of international security and peace,

We, the signatories, call upon the United Nations to condemn the aggressions against Iraq and to take measures suitable for the prevention of any recurrence of such actions.


Regarding the fact that in 1998 alone the U.S.A. attacked three countries (Afghanistan, Sudan and Iraq), thereby acting against international law,

Stating that air raids using bombs and missiles against inhabited districts and civil objects, and in particular against hospitals, waterworks and other basic supply facilities, are to be regarded as war crimes,

Recalling that during past decades the U.S.A. has, on several occasions, attacked other states, spread war over them, or intervened by other means,

Regarding the fact that on those occasions the U.S.A. did not shrink from the use of weapons of mass destruction,

In order to assure the international community of states of the future peaceful intentions of both states, bearing in mind their previous aggressions violating international law,

May the United Nations resolve:

1. The U.S.A. and Great Britain shall be obliged - under full recognition of their national sovereignty - to make their societies suitable for peace, i.e. to undergo a change towards a civilian society. This shall include:

  1. Dissolution of the military-industrial complex;
  2. Disarmament of all weapons of mass destruction and of all arms systems that have served the "projection of power", in particular aircraft carriers and strategic bombers as well as medium- and long-range missiles;
  3. Dismantling of all marine and air-force bases as well as of all reconnaissance and espionage facilities outside the territories of both states;
  4. Reduction in troops and their reorganisation in terms of deployment doctrines, command structures and instruction, with the aim of establishing a structural potential of peaceful existence;
  5. An undertaking by those countries to abide by civil conflict management, and a constitutional embodiment of this undertaking. Educational programmes and media work for overcoming chauvinist and militarist thinking and promoting civil, humanist and democratic principles.

2. Until these military and civil reforms have been fully implemented, both states shall be subject to sanctions:

  1. Suspension of their membership of the United Nations including all specialised bodies of the U.N.;
  2. Suspension of their membership of all military alliances that these states are part of;
  3. Worldwide ban on aircraft of both states, i.e. prohibition of landings, take-offs and overflights;
  4. ... (further common sanctions)

 The U.N. shall establish a commission and observer teams in order to monitor the progress of implementation.

The sanctions shall remain in force until the U.N. shall find that these countries do no longer pose an immediate danger and that the reforms in progress have become irreversible.

3. Furthermore, the U.N. warns any states which might continue to side with the U.S.A. and Great Britain and seek to undermine the measures in progress that they shall be considered collaborators and shall be subject to the same sanctions.

4. The aggressor states, U.S.A. and Great Britain, shall be obliged to make reparations for the damage done to Iraq. The foreign accounts of those states shall be frozen and may be seized if they do not fulfil their financial obligations.

If you would like to support this resolution, please turn to:

c/o Eine Welt Zentrum Heidelberg
Karlstor 1
D-69117 Heidelberg

Fax.: 06221/978931

This resolution was initially supported by the following organisations, groups and individuals:

Arbeitskreis antiimperialistische Solidarität (AKAS), Deutsch-Ausländischer Solidaritätsverein (DASOV), Heidelberger Bündnis gegen den Golfkrieg, Bündnis gegen den imperialistischen Krieg Berlin, Friedensladen HD, Hamburger Bündnis gegen den Golfkrieg, Zeitschrift "Graswurzelrevolution" Redaktion Süd, Deutsche Friedensgesellschaft/Vereinigte Kriegsdienstgegner HD, Verband der Verfolgten des Naziregimes-Bund der Antifaschisten HD, Gesellschaft für internationale Verständigung (GIV), Solidaritätsbündnis "Free Mumia Abu Jamal HH) hochschul antifa HH

(List will be continued)